Creating a culture of success for women in engineering and science

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The Internal Advisory Board for the ADVANCEing Faculty program provides guidance and expertise on the implementation of the program’s objectives. It will consist of on-campus experts in teaching, research, professional development and gender and women’s issues. In addition, the board contains representatives from both engineering and science program and college-level administration to help ensure full buy-in and support of the project goals and strategies.

ADVANCEing Faculty Internal Advisory Board:

Dr. Jim Nelson, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies; Director, Integrated STEM Education Research Center, COES

Dr. Ramu Ramachandran, Associate Dean, Research, COES

Dr. Tony Young, Associate Professor, Psychology and Behavioral Sciences; Director, Psychological Services Clinic; College of Education

Dr. Rick Simmons, Associate Professor, English; Director, Center for Academic and Professional Development, Louisiana Tech University

Dr. Jim Palmer, Director, Chemical Engineering and Industrial Engineering, COES

Dr. Eric Guilbeau, Director, Biomedical Engineering; Director, Center for Biomedical Engineering and Rehabilitation Science, COES

Dr. Hisham Hegab, Director, Electrical Engineering, Nanosystems Engineering, Electrical Engineering Technology, Computer Science, COES

Dr. Lee Sawyer, Director, Physics and Chemistry, COES

Dr. Christobel Asiedu, Assistant professor, Sociology, College of Liberal Arts (Gender)

Dr. Mary Margaret Livingston, Professor, Psychology and Behavioral Sciences, College of Education (Gender Roles and Women's Issues)

Ms. Linda Ramsey, former Director, GK-12 Gradute Fellows Program; retired Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences; former Director, Center for Educational Excellence; former Director, Center for Applied Teaching and Learning to Yield Scientific Thinking, Louisiana Tech University