Creating a culture of success for women in engineering and science

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The ADVANCEing Faculty Career Development Workshops are offered up to three times per academic year and focus on topics such as:

  • communication;
  • negotiation;
  • leadership styles;
  • leading individuals, groups and organizations;
  • presentations;
  • managing others;
  • planning and facilitating a meeting;
  • delegation;
  • listening; and
  • problem-solving.

Career Development topics will also be incorporated into the mini-programs offered in conjunction with the monthly Faculty Lunch at the Ropp Program.

Two seminars on Negotiation for Faculty and Post-Docs/Graduate Students and an Academic Leadership Seminar for Faculty and Administrators were conducted by Dr. Barbara Butterfield – HUMANED Consulting Director/Officer and Dr. Jane Tucker – President, Jane Tucker Associates on May 10-11, 2011.

Academic Leadership Seminar

This highly interactive seminar for faculty and academic supporters helped participants consider the characteristics of leadership, whether they are currently in leadership roles or considering these roles in their future career plans.  The agenda helped participants define and broaden their recognition of academic leadership opportunities.  Participants considered leadership characteristics in both their positive and negative aspects, as well as looked at related research. They also identified global, national, regional and local trends and challenges in leading or supporting success in academic institutions.

Selected Workshop Material:

Roles and Dimensions of Academic Leadership

Selected Bibliography


Faculty Negotiations Seminar - Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution

This seminar was designed to build understanding of mutual interest-based negotiations or solution finding.  The content encouraged:

developing an understanding of the parties’ interests

developing alternatives that enhance the possibility of reaching agreement

packaging of the possibilities, and

implementing the notion of a “zone of possible agreement.” 

Selected Workship Material:

Negotiations Contract or Job Options

International Negotiations Considering Culture

Selected Bibliography


Post-Doctoral and Graduate Negotiations

This seminar was similar to the Faculty Negotiations Seminar, but focused for graduate students who are interviewing for their first job.

Selected Workshop Material

Negotiations Contract or Job Options

International Negotiations Considering Culture


Dr. Robert Drago, Research Director at the Institute for Women's Policy Research in Washington, DC conducted a seminar on  March 24, 2011 on Work, Family and Life in the Academy- What Can And Should Be Done 


What, Why and How? Successful Strategies for Negotiation- Workshop for Post- Doc and Women Grad Students

LSU Workshop on "Succesful Strategies for Negotiation": PowerPoint and Handout


Two workshops on "The Logics of Diversity: Why and How Diversity Matters" and a workshop on “Implementing Diversity” for Faculty and Administrators were conducted by Scott Page from University of Michigan  on Thursday, October 20, 2011. Scott is a mathematical economist by training and talks about the intersection of diversity, innovation, creativity and teams. Dr. Page is the Leonid Hurwicz Collegiate Professor of Complex Systems, Economics, and Political Science, and the author of The Difference: How the Power of Diversity Creates Better Groups, Firms, Schools, and Societies, a work that examines how we think in groups and why collective wisdom works. He is the Director of the Center for the Study of Complex Systems at the University of Michigan.

He also gave a university-wide talk entitled "Diversity and Collective Performance" on Thursday, October 20, 2011 in University Hall.

Dr. Donna Dean, Senior Federal Executive (retired), National Institutes of Health, expert on national science and technology policy, and noted author on mentoring, conducted a Mentoring Workshop and a Worklife Effectiveness Program Workshop on Thursday, January 26, 2012 .The workshops had some great information in one’s role as a mentor, as well as administrator, leader, graduate adviser, and researcher.

Dr. Virginia Valian, Distinguished Professor of Psychology at Hunter College, CUNY, an outstanding speaker, well-known for her insight into issues affecting the advancement of women in STEM fields and the author of the landmark book “Why So Slow:  The Advancement of Women”, conducted a series of workshops on Friday, March 16

A Roadmap to Equity- Benfits of Ensuring Gender Equity

Effectiveness and Power

Equity and Excellence: What Individuals Can Do

Developing a Circle of Advisors

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tricias photo  Tricia Berry, Co-Founder and Executive VP of 825 Basics presented a workshop on Tuesday, January 22 from 2 - 4 p.m. on "Getting the Recognition You Deserve". Tricia is also Women in Engineering Director at University of Texas-Austin, former WEPAN President, and Director of the Texas Girls Collaborative Project.  She has 19 years of experience in industry (as a chemical engineer at Dow), nonprofit and community leadership and expertise in STEM education, STEM program assessment, STEM marketing/communication, and gender-focused STEM strategies.  Tricia was recognized this fall as one of the Top 100 Women Leaders in STEM in the nation.  She is a dynamic speaker and has some great strategies to share on making sure you, your career and your accomplishments get the recognition you deserve! 

Click here for the Strategies Grid Handout

You can sign up for their monthly eNewsletter at They also provide individual coaching and have helped people craft their career story for award or fellowship applications, job searches, etc. Feel free to contact her if interested.


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